Chicago Gays to Protest California Proposition 8 Leader James Dobson on Saturday

11.08.08 (10:07 am)   [edit]

Chicago Gays to Protest California Proposition 8 Leader James Dobson on Saturday

Focus on the Family's James Dobson spent $800,000 on Proposition 8 to stop gay people form marrying in California. On Saturday evening, this dangerous ideologue will be inducted into the Museum of Broadcast Communication's Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. He will be met with a protest from outraged gay organizations at 5:30 PM on Saturday, November 8, outside of the Renaissance Chicago Hotel, 1 W. Wacker Drive (corner of Wacker & State).

"It is mind-blowing, that the Radio Hall of Fame would honor a primary leader of Proposition 8," said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. "Dobson put his Media Empire and vast amounts of money into the service of denying equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. And, the Radio Hall of Fame reacts disgracefully by giving this demagogue a trophy."

"If Dobson had helped organize and fund a campaign to take away African American voting rights, he would be properly shunned as a hater," said Bob Schwartz of the Gay Liberation Network. "However, because the Museum of Broadcast Communications has chosen instead to honor Dobson, they apparently think it's okay to promote those who publicly organize discrimination against gays."

It is ironic that the Museum will be honoring a promoter of hate like Dobson, while at the same time many mourn the recent passing of journalistic legend Studs Turkel, whom the Museum never got around to honoring.

The campaign against the honoring of Dobson was initiated by the Gay Liberation Network and Truth Wins Out, and endorsed by dozens of groups and individuals signing on to a series of full-page protest signature advertisements.

For information about Saturday night's protest, contact the Gay Liberation Network at 773-209-1187 or

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