2008 Presidential Candidates Not Concerned With Domestic Violence

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2008 Presidential Candidates Not Concerned With Domestic Violence

December 25, 2007: Updates to this post are here, here, and here.

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Employees at a beauty salon in New York are taking on domestic violence. Salon employees are being trained to spot cases of domestic abuse that may not get reported to the authorities -- particularly domestic violence in the Latino community. Operating off of the belief that women tell all when they're at a beauty salon, salon employees are hoping they can help put an end to what they consider a huge concern in the Latino community.

Apparently, lots of individuals and groups are concerned about domestic violence, except the 2008 Presidential candidates. The only Democratic candidate who [directly] addresses violence against women [on his campaign page] is John Edwards:
Ending Violence Against Women Achieving full equal rights for women includes the right to be free of violence everywhere. Edwards supports efforts to fully fund the Violence Against Women Act, which provides resources for crisis centers, domestic violence shelters and continuing education to law enforcement and the courts. Edwards will also aggressively support political and economic rights for women where they do not exist and supports efforts to reduce violence against women and children around the world.
I didn't find anything on Obama's page [under the Issues tab] on domestic violence; however, I did find an article on his concern with domestic violence in Congo. As a Senator, Clinton was concerned about domestic violence, but in her bid for the Presidency, the issue has disappeared. Shame on her!

Even Ron Paul fans will have a hard time showing me where he addresses domestic violence on his official website (yes, I checked all of his writings). He's not the only Republican Presidential hopeful who has neglected the issue. He's joined by Mike Huckabee (who feels women should graciously submit to their husbands -- big surprise he doesn't say much about domestic abuse!) and Mitt Romney. One would assume Romney would address domestic violence in his spill about how he would confront threats to American values, unless he doesn't see domestic violence as a threat.

On YouTube's Face the Candidates, domestic violence isn't even a bullet point, and a quick check of Google and Yahoo yields very few articles on how the 2008 Presidential candidates have addressed domestic violence in any comprehensive fashion.

I have $5 that says the moment Fox News makes a domestic violence case the next big story, all the Presidential candidates will scramble to pen their new and aggressive plans to fight domestic abuse in America. Let's pray we don't need a dead, white, suburban housewife to get the 2008 Presidential hopefuls interested in domestic violence issues.

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